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Way back in 2000 while sitting in my child’s prep classroom as a liter-acy helper I realised that many children were falling through the cracks…& that one of them was mine!
I was an English teacher for goodness sake, but had neglected to pre-pare my own child academically to enter school.
I was told that the ‘penny would drop’ & everything would be fine. The problem was that as the as the year wore on his confidence was shaken & interest in reading waned.
Rather than wait, I decided to do something about it. I researched dif-ferent reading programs & discovered LetterLand® as a possible way to engage him. After delivering this phonic approach he was able to rediscover some confidence & self esteem to learn. He made wonderful progress!
I realised that there was too wide a gap between kinder & school & set about fixing this by establishing LearningLand.
I developed literacy & numeracy programs that would support & accel-erate children’s natural interest & enjoyment of learning in a fun & in-teractive way.
As parents we bend over backwards to do the best for our children by supplying everything we can. A welcoming environment in which to learn to read and write that builds a healthy dose of self es-teem is a great start

Contact: 1300 139 859

Website: http://www.learningland.com.au