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Kids Music Beat

Kids’ Music Beat (the home of Boppin’ Babies) is a music early learning program designed to help babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers grow into happy, confident children.

Our program nurtures development, fosters a love of music and helps you to use music in the home.

Having fun through musical play and taking joy in your child’s musical expression is central to our program.

We are the only music early learning program in Brisbane where all music is played live and is voice led. That means our music educators and Registered Music Therapists play their guitars and sing with the children, there is no ‘press play’ in our music groups. Children don’t just dance or play or sing along to music, they actually make music in sync with another person.

Our live music program was developed by Dr Vicky Abad, a Registered Music Therapist with extensive national and international clinical experience in paediatric and early intervention music therapy and music early learning.

Vicky’s research shows the most valuable experience in terms of brain activity and emotional growth for babies and toddlers in music groups is when music is played live, shared with a parent or loved one, and is in a small group.

The magic really happens when music is played live with a strong focus on singing and making music together. That’s when little brains light up and neurons start firing!

Kid’s Music Beat offers a range of developmentally specific music groups that allow your child to participate in age appropriate activities in age appropriate ways.

Our baby music groups are based on attachment theory, positive parenting, meaningful engagement, multi-modal stimulation and parent empowerment.

Our child-led toddler music groups support how young children learn. They are live and interactive, repetitive and based on music early learning research principles

Our pre-school music groups are based on early childhood learning principles including regulation, music literacy that is age appropriate and a teaching pedagogy that is fun and interactive.

Kids Music Beat music early learning program is part of Music Beat Australia.

Music Beat Australia provides community music, music early learning, education and therapy programs for children and adults of all abilities.

Its services include music groups for parents and children, childcare programs, special one off childcare visits, music therapy sessions and holiday programs.

It also specialises in supplying music instruments and products for parents, music educators and music therapists.


Contact: 1800 752 968