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Fusion Martial Arts and Fitness

The “Little Dragons” Program is great for your child!

What is a Fusion Martial Arts “Little Dragons” Program?

The “Little Dragons” is a Martial Arts program specifically designed for children from 3 years old. The program addresses the specific needs and capabilities of this age group by focusing on attention, motor skills and safety issues.

Some of our most motivated students are our youngest. The 3-7 years olds in our class are excited and motivated.
Studies have shown martial arts lessons can help your child improve confidence and develop the leadership skills they need to succeed in life. At Fusion Martial Arts, kids learn the positive benefits of self-discipline and self-control. They develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility. A structure of respect is built into our program, which proves to be an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for school.

The Fusion Martial Arts Curriculum
At Fusion Martial Arts the curriculum of this program is designed to target several areas. First, it teaches the students the basic hand and kicking moves and groups them together. Second, it works on motor control. Third, it works on attention and self-control and lastly it works on safety and self-defence.

Each level within this program deals with each of these areas.

Our reward system improves children’s self esteem
It teaches discipline and it improves listening skills
Our activities channel children’s aggression
Our program teaches essential self-defence skills

Make sure you contact us to learn more!

Fusion Martial Arts and Fitness
259 Hyde St Yarraville, Vic 3013

Contact: 0414 325 671