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We are a small team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and support staff dedicated to providing high-quality mental health care across Australia via Telehealth Platform. Driven by our passion to provide the best possible treatments and care, we are a marriage of technology and expertise, bringing telehealth to your very own doorstep. Technology and the prevalence of the internet have made possible the ‘not possible before. Long gone are the days when the only viable and albeit effective means of mental health treatments were face to face consultations. Our telehealth platform aims to facilitate better mental health support, taking out travel costs, the commute, and long waitlists people in the regional areas of Australia often face. It is our vision to relentlessly exploit and pursue new technologies to bring quality healthcare to our clients

Contact: 08 9467 2272

Website: https://epsychiatry.com.au

Email us: support@epsychiatry.com.au