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EasyRead Time Teacher (Australia) Pty Ltd

EasyRead Time Teacher are dedicated to helping young children learn to tell the time; it’s an essential life skill.

Based in Sydney Australia and Malvern in the UK, we reach out to parents and schools offering the best time teaching resources available. These resources have been developed over a number of years and are now tried and tested, our catalogue of positive reviews from happy customers grows every week.

Learning to tell the time can be a daunting challenge for a

young child. Regular clocks and watches only show about 20% of the information we need to be able to read the time, the rest is missing. We wouldn’t expect to be able to read a book if 80% of the text was hidden would we, so why do we expect it with clocks?

To help a child learn we must give them all the information they need.

EasyRead clocks and watches have unique face designs that show every element a child needs to be able to read the time, and the hands always tell them which numbers to read.

By providing all the information on the face the child only has to learn how to read it. This is a simple step-by-step process, 3 steps to read the time in minutes past-and-to the hour, and just 2 steps to read the time in 12 or 24hour time.

These step-by-step teaching systems are unique to EasyRead Time Teacher, they help a child focus on the process of reading a clock, the order of the steps you need to take. Every time they read the clock some of the information on the face gets committed to memory. Before too long they can start to apply the same steps to regular clocks to read the time.

Our range of clock, watches and alarm clocks form an integrate resource that guarantee you child will learn to tell the time quickly and easily.

Contact: 0418 970214