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Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre – where playing is learning

ELC make premium quality developmental, sensory, plushy and wooden toys for new borns up to pre-school age ranges. ELC toys do exactly what they say on the ‘box’ – promote LEARNING through play with child development, child psychology and of course fun being core values.  ELC Toys cultivate creativity in children and assist in their important developmental stages of growth. The first toy company to consult with child psychologists in toy making.  ELC have 50 years of experience in designing toys with developmental benefits for your new born baby and throughout those precious toddler years. ELC offer a huge range of toys and games for children to support them in learning and developing.

The Original Learning Development Toy Inventors

Early Learning Centre was the first toy company to hire a child psychologist to help design toys and ensure that every toy being sold had educational value. The mission has always been to create unique, thoughtfully designed toys to support children’s learning and development through play. “We want our toys to capture children’s imaginations, spark joy, and instil a lifelong love of learning.”

Early Learning Centre was established in 1974 by John Beale, whose vision was born out of a personal frustration – he simply couldn’t find sufficiently inspiring toys for his own children.

This was his inspiration; to create a toy business that would inspire and stimulate children to develop as they played.

After building the Early Learning Centre to a much loved and trusted brand by families across the UK and globally, Early Learning Centre was acquired by Mothercare in 2007 where they continued to grow the brand’s international following.

In March 2019, Early Learning Centre was acquired by The Entertainer with a clear vision; to support parents with their child’s early years learning and development through play.

We are committed to creating quality products and bringing innovation through new product design, as well as continuing to make the much loved and trusted toys we all know and love.

We are committed to making Early Learning available all over the world.

As Early Learning Centre (ELC) celebrates its 50th year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to look back at where the brand has come from and how things have changed over the years. We’re really proud of our history of creating developmental toys that are truly educational as well as being fun. From John Beale’s original vision of creating quality products which bring excitement into learning, the ELC brand has gone on to produce hundreds of toys and games that continue the original Early Learning Centre ethos, bringing joy and life-long memories to the children that play with them.

Website: https://www.elc.co.uk/