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Put the magic back into reading time with Sparkup – the Magical Book Reader! Sparkup gives children a fun and exciting hands-on reading experience, using real books – without involving screens. It can store up to 50 books and record in any language. Families can personalise their own recordings with one or even multiple voices! HOW DOES IT WORK? Sparkup’s cutting-edge visual recognition technology allows teachers, children and their families to record and personalise ANY picture book in any language. Then, with one push of a button, Sparkup brings the book to life! Sparkup’s tiny camera recognises the front cover of any recorded book, and reads aloud as the child flips the pages, in any order and at his or her own pace. THE POSSIBILITIES: Make it a family story. Record you favourite books in your own voice; have Mum be the good fairy, Dad can be the almighty king, and you? You’re the princess of course! Bring your artwork to life You know all those drawings your kids bring home every day? You can bind them into an album and let you Picasso record the stories behind them! More than your ordinary photo album. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… why not have both? Take that Disney trip photo album, last summer’s family vacation pictures and even your old wedding album – and add your voice to them! Suitable for kids aged 3= learning to read, Sparkup is the perfect back to school item! Find it at Big W for $65.

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