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Aqualife Swim School, Victoria Park

The Aqualife Swim School aims to provide a fun, happy and safe environment where babies, children and adults can learn to be confident in and around the water. Our lessons cater for babies from 4 months through to squad introduction and adults, and our programs run year round, including school holidays.

Our quality learning experience is guaranteed with:

Qualified and experienced Austswim instructors
Royal Life Saving WA endorsement
Low student/teacher ratios
Students treated as individuals and encouraged to develop at their own pace
High quality, temperature controlled teaching environments
Certificates on graduation through levels
Classes on offer:

BABY PROGRAM (4 to 36 months)
Baby and You classes run each morning from Monday to Sunday and teach parents how to assist their babies to feel confident and relaxed in the water. Emphasis is placed on developing water confidence, independence and basic swimming through group activities, games and songs.Dream Baby classes run each Wednesday evening and offer a perfect end to the day for you and your little one. Enjoy a 30 minute lesson with your baby through singing, playing and exploring the water, then after the lesson you can take baby home to sleep like a dream!

PRESCHOOL PROGRAM (3 to 6 years)
The Preschool Program is divided into 6 levels and teaches children from 3 to 6 years of age to swim in deep water, as well as safety skills such as climbing out of the pool, resurfacing and floating. The student/teacher ratio is set at 4:1 for optimum personal attention and development.

SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM (6 to 15 years)
Students are placed into one of 7 levels starting with beginners and progressing to develop proficiency in all five strokes. The emphasis is on technique and performance skills rather than distance. The student/teacher ratio for Levels 1 to 6 is set at 6:1 and 10:1 for Level 7.

The School Holiday Program is designed to provide your child with an intensive and educational swimming experience during the school holidays. It’s a great way to boost your child’s skills and improve their water confidence and awareness.

It’s never too late to learn to swim! The Adult Swim Classes cater for adults who want to learn to swim; who want to develop their water confidence; who want to improve their stroke or breathing techniques; and who want to build fitness.

Adult Classes include:

Adult Beginner – for confidence building, learning new strokes or overcoming fear of water;
Adult Intermediate – for improving performance and enhancing enjoyment in the water;
Adult Advanced – for improving endurance and efficiency; and
Women Only – for women who wish to learn to swim in private, who have never had swimming lessons or who are fearful of water.

Contact: (08) 9373 5400