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Alliance Francaise de Melbourne

A unique curriculum with methods which respect children’s learning according to their age, level, interests and motivations.

> French courses for 3 to 5-year old (because the younger IS the better!)

Studies show that children as young as 3 should be exposed to a foreign language as their natural abilities help them master languages rapidly and easily while boosting intellectual ability. So at Alliance française we have put together classes specifically designed for the youngest: our Maternelles program is aimed at children aged 3 to 5.

Based on the French kindergarten program, it provides a fun initiation to everyday French themes through stories, songs, handicrafts, games and dancing. Children in the Maternelles classes both enjoy a playful, vibrant atmosphere as well as easily pick up French language and culture.

On a typical day, the class begins with free play. The teacher then introduces the theme of the day through a story, songs and other captivating ways. Using arts-and-crafts projects, the teacher introduces new vocabulary that will be reinforced daily through games and various fun activities. Snack time provides the children with a moment to relax, to play outside (weather permitting!) and to learn basic interactions in French. While the class is conducted entirely in French, the teachers also try their best to cater to the specific needs and abilities of each child.

Offered from 10am to 12pm every day of the week, our Maternelles program attracts dozens of children who attend their class once per week for each term. Interested to enrol your child too? E-mail us to add your name to the waiting

> For children in Prep at school: a special class to learn to write and read French.

For children who are learning to write and read, we run unique classes adapted to their abilities: our Preps program gently helps children to learn how to read and write in French. A class to discover a foreign language at the right pace.

> For 7 to 10-year old

Children are placed in groups according to their level in French. From Children 1 (complete beginners) to Children 4, everyone is catered for. Prior enrolling, a meeting must be organised with a teacher to assess the child’s level in French and to meet the team and be more familiar with the classroom. We offer two types of courses for this age group: 1-week intensive courses, offered during each school holidays and 8 to 10-week term courses, offered during each term following the Victorian School Term Dates.

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