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The NZ Super Nanny

The NZ Super Nanny

Jessie Buttons is a SUPER NANNY who provides high quality coaching for parents who struggle with their children's behaviour.

Jessie has developed strategies and techniques for all of the common unwanted behaviours and also many of the ''out of the box'' ones too.

From her experience as a Teacher and Global Nanny - Jessie also offers a Nanny Training Program, as she is witnessing a lack of Behaviour Management Training for Nannies resulting in frustration, and a high Nanny turnover for many families.

If you are seeking Harmony in your Home or you are just wanting some additional support make sure you check out her website, blogs and FREE resources.



Mother – The Keeper Of The Home

Every year in May we have the opportunity to honour the Mothers’ of our families. Gifts are wrapped and flowers are brought. On a Sunday morning the kitchen is alive, busy with whispers and scurry. A special breakfast presented in… Continue Reading >

Why are my children so different?

A common statement I hear from parents is: “My kids are so different, it makes no sense! They share the same genes, environment, routines and parents! What makes them so different?”   My simple answer: It’s their Nature. Each child… Continue Reading >

Do Consequences Help or Hinder?

Consequences and punishments are used to reflect back to the child the effects of the decisions they make. However, they often have the opposite effect causing more unwanted behaviour. Consequences are only helpful if; 1; The consequence is a natural… Continue Reading >

Helping Children With Anger and Aggression

As children grow their outward expression of frustration becomes more controlled because their brain has matured. They become more and more capable of having their tears and thoughts on the inside and using their words to express how they feel… Continue Reading >

Teenagers and Drugs

What is the difference between firm boundaries and controlling, in the context of disciplining teenagers for drug use? Controlling in this instance is dictating and supervising their every move.  A firm boundary, on the other hand, is used to control… Continue Reading >


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