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Teaching Brave

Liz Michelle is a Single mum and Early Childhood Teacher with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Liz has 15 years of experience as a Child care Director and Area Manager, leading child care centres to a status of 'Exceeding' the National Quality Standards, and is now primary school teaching on a casual basis while enjoying writing, learning about online business and building up the Teaching Brave blog as well as working from home on website management and raising her son Andy, who has just started high school.

Liz was a broke single mum when her son Andy's father left them when Andy was just 3 years old. At the time, Liz was left with no money, no family support and a 3 year old son to raise alone. Liz found ways to save extra money, took on side hustles and cut all unnecessary spending, managing to save $100k and buy her first home in Sydney a few years ago. Liz has continued to educate herself on all things money related and has built her net worth to $450k. Liz is passionate about teaching her son important money lessons from an early age and also enjoys helping other mums and other families with tips on saving money, general parenting tips and early childhood-related content after many years of caring for and educating young children.

The TeachingBrave blog has more than 140 articles on single parenting, saving money, early childhood and general parenting tips including School Readiness, Toilet training, Frugal Living and 'Bucket Filling'. Liz enjoys connecting with her readers and followers and is very responsive on the socials (Facebook and Instagram).



10 Ways to Improve Pre Maths and Numeracy Skills

There are some super simple ways to help your young child learn some basic pre maths and numeracy skills. Activities and concepts can be incorporated into everyday routines and activities for many of these, and others are simply play based… Continue Reading >

10 boring jobs and tasks you NEED to be on top of, as a parent

As a parent, our lives are busy! We barely have enough time to fit in fun, let alone all the life admin! Unfortunately, life admin is a necessary evil, and if we don’t ensure certain boring tasks are taken care… Continue Reading >

10 Ways to Make Christmas More Affordable

Christmas doesn’t HAVE to break the bank! According to a study by Finder, almost half of Australians (9.8 million people) racked up Christmas debt last year. It doesn’t have to be that way. In a time when interest rates are… Continue Reading >

Are you Co-Parenting? Here’s what NOT to do..

Are you a single parent? Sharing the parenting with your ex? Co-parenting can be very challenging. It takes a certain level of compromise, cooperation and communication to be able to do it without too much conflict or disruption for the… Continue Reading >

Why We Need To Talk To Our Kids About Secrets

Secrets – Why teach it? Secrets. It’s a tricky topic. We encourage our kids to tell the truth, to value honesty and maybe even that telling secrets is rude.. but the truth is, we need to talk to our kids… Continue Reading >

10 Surefire Ways to Waste Your Money as a Parent

Last month I wrote an article on 10 Ways to Cope with the Rising Cost of Living as a Single Mum, which you can read here, and sticking with the money theme for this month, I thought I would take… Continue Reading >

Managing Allergies in Children in the Early Years

My son is anaphylactic to peanuts, cashews and pistachios and has allergic rhinitis with a dust mite allergy. I have also been dealing with allergies and anaphylaxis in my 20+ year career as an early childhood teacher and director. Managing… Continue Reading >

10 Ways to Cope with the Rising Cost of Living as a Single Mum

We are all feeling the pinch. There are words that are getting thrown around in the media as well as amongst our circle of family, friends and work colleagues that are forcing us to look closely at our cost of… Continue Reading >

10 Ways to Ask About Your Child’s Day, so They Actually Answer You! 

Are you even a parent if you haven’t asked your child, ‘How was your day today?’ only for them to respond with a one word answer of ‘Good’ or ‘Fine’ or ‘Yeah’ or maybe even just a grunt. I’ve always… Continue Reading >

10 FREE or Low Cost Activities to do with Kids

Weekends and holidays don’t have to be expensive, or break the budget. I’m always on the lookout for activities that are FREE or cheap, to do with kids to keep them entertained. Here are 10 ideas: Go to the beach… Continue Reading >

Why you should say sorry to your kids

Yes, children need guidance, they need their parents to be positive role models and they need to learn to show respect, but there’s also other important things they need to learn – their parents are human, their parents are also… Continue Reading >

Children’s Activities for Summer

by Elizabeth Michelle   Summer! Warm weather, school holidays.. ever run out of ideas or inspiration for what to do with the kids during summer? Look no further! Here are 20 Best Summer Activities for Kids: Beach Day – take… Continue Reading >



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