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Stel Coombe Heath Wholesome Lifestyle Project

Stel Coombe Heath Wholesome Lifestyle Project

Stel Coombe-Heath is the leading authority in binge and emotional eating recovery.

Stel leads various programs on changing mindsets around eating and healthy food choices. She supports her clients to cultivate healthy eating habits and to build trust with food.

For over 13 years, Stel battled two eating disorders, body dysmorphia and emotional eating. She understands the hardships that come with disordered food relationships and how to overcome it in a healthy balanced way.

As a holistic health coach, Stel infuses yoga, mindfulness and energy medicine into her consultations with clients. Stel’s sessions encourage clients to dive into the self-transformation that health practices like positive mindset, yoga and meditation can provide.



5 Easy Tips for a Guilt-free Easter

Easter is approaching and with all the excitement comes a lot of threats such as hot cross buns, Easter lunches, and easter eggs. Even though these treats can be fun, overindulging can often leave us feeling uncomfortable, bloated, cravings, and… Continue Reading >

Simple Tips to Survive Easter as an Emotional Eater

As Easter approaches, many emotional eaters may find themselves struggling with their food choices and dealing with food-related triggers that can lead to overeating.  Easter is often associated with a lot of food, including sweets and other treats. For emotional… Continue Reading >

Valentine’s Day Self-Care: 7 Essential Practices for Unconditional Love

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be stressful. And while it’s important to take care of your significant other, it’s equally if not more important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself!  After all, you… Continue Reading >

New Year, New You: 5 Resolutions to Help Emotional Eaters Take Control

If you’re someone who eats when you’re stressed, depressed or anxious, you’re not alone. According to psychiatrist Phillipa Hay,“Around once a week, one in 10 Australians engages in some form of emotional eating, binge eating or out-of-control eating,” Additional research… Continue Reading >

The Power of Self-Care: How to Combat Emotional Eating This Holiday Season

Whether it’s your annual visit to grandma’s house or a holiday party, food is a big part of the season. Here are some tips for how to prevent emotional eating during the holiday season: The biggest challenge of holiday parties… Continue Reading >

Healthy habits to avoid emotional eating this Christmas

The end of the year can be so exhilarating. jam packed with exciting events, Christmas shopping and catching up with friends and family that you might not have seen during the lockdown period. Sometimes this can feel slightly overwhelming. You… Continue Reading >

5 Tips for Combating Fatigue during this Festive Season.

Fueling the Festive Spirit: A Holistic Guide for Working Moms to Conquer Fatigue and Embrace Year-End Celebrations As the festive season draws near, the air is filled with anticipation, glittering lights, and the promise of joyous celebrations. Yet, for the… Continue Reading >

How to Become a Body Image Role Model

As a young girl, I was brainwashed into diet culture and poor body image. I remember walking past the checkout counters in the grocery store, seeing the magazines, praising weight loss, or advertising a new miracle diet My environment compounded… Continue Reading >

How to Start Eating Healthy Without Counting Calories

Many of my clients struggle to have a healthy relationship with food, they feel like they are constantly yo-yo dieting and sick of counting calories.  You might be wondering, “well if I’m not watching my calories, how am I going… Continue Reading >

Munching Momma Drama: How Parenting Stress Triggers Emotional Eating

The journey of motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, filled with unforgettable moments and an abundance of love. Yet, it is no secret that the path of parenthood can also be laden with stress and challenges that can take… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Stop Binge Eating and Gain Food Freedom

Are you sick and tired of raiding the fridge and pigging out, then hating yourself for doing so?  Or maybe you eat out of boredom and you don’t know how to stop?  Binge eating is when a person eats an… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Stop Dieting: Find Freedom From the Weight-Loss Roller Coaster

Do you manage to stick to a diet for a few weeks but then start going off track? Or Are you constantly moving from one diet to the next, struggling with overeating & feeling out of control?​ Maybe you are… Continue Reading >

Embracing Mental Health: My Journey of Healing and Essential Tips for Self-Care

In a world where the weight of life’s challenges can feel overwhelming, it’s essential to prioritize our mental health. Today, I want to share my personal journey of struggling with mental health, including body dysmorphia and contemplating suicide. Through this… Continue Reading >

Mindful Eating Tip for Moms on Mother’s Day

For busy moms, it might feel like there is never any downtime, let alone time to eat. Moms are most likely to eat on the run, they have very little time to enjoy their own meals and often feel cheated… Continue Reading >

A Mindful Mother’s Day: How to counter emotional eating with mindfulness

May is fast approaching and happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. We spend so many hours of our day feeling headless and, in the clouds, it’s no wonder why May has been dubbed “Mindful May” by many… Continue Reading >

3 Reasons Why You Binge Eat

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself staring into an empty packet of chips or tub of ice cream asking yourself “why did I do it” overwhelmed with guilt, shame and self-loathing? “Why can’t I stop binge eating?”… Continue Reading >

Body Neutrality: How to Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt ashamed of your reflection? Or hated your body? Or have you ever looked in the mirror and felt beautiful, confident and accepted? We can put so much emphasis on our outward… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Uplift Women Regardless of their Body Size

Life is tough, my darling, but so are you Stephanie Bennett Henry As Women we have shown endurance even in a very masculine society. We juggle home life, work finances, friendships etc. Very often, there is a lack of acknowledgement… Continue Reading >

Celebrate self-love this February 

It’s February, the month we celebrate love. We spend so much time loving and caring for others but sometimes we forget about extending that love to ourselves.  When you get on a plane, they tell you to put your oxygen… Continue Reading >

4 Tips to Manage Holiday Binge Eating

With year-end functions and the festive season around the corner, there is a lot of anxiety around not binge eating. My client Mel was in a panic about how she was going to survive the festive season!! There are already… Continue Reading >

How to Survive this Ongoing Lockdown

I know for many of us lockdown has been quite a challenge, not to say the least. And as a Victorian resident, I know exactly how frustrating lockdown can be. I understand how many people have felt down about their… Continue Reading >

How to Support Someone with Disordered Eating

Are you worried that someone is struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder? While you can’t force a person with disordered eating to change, you can offer your support and encourage treatment. And that can make a huge difference… Continue Reading >

Understanding your cravings

Facts about food cravings? I know that feeling too well, it’s 3pm and all of the sudden you have this overwhelming craving for something to pick you up and get you through the rest of the day. You have heard… Continue Reading >

Signs of emotional eating: are you an emotional eater?

Do you ever eat something and think later, ‘why did I eat that?’ We all do it! And it is usually unconscious… I have often caught myself in the pantry having one of those “oh well I’ve already messed up… Continue Reading >



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