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Sleep Health Foundation

Sleep Health Foundation


Improving people’s lives by helping them to understand the value of getting a good night’s sleep.


The leading national advocate for sleep health.

Our strategic priorities
• Advocacy
• Health Promotion
• Community Education
• Working in partnership with other health organisations
• Assuring sleep therapy best practice
• Research partnership programs

In nine years, the Sleep Health Foundation (Foundation) has established a dynamic presence. We are spreading the sleep health message through a strong media and internet presence, engagement with government and community leaders, interaction with other health bodies, and an ongoing program of development and distribution of educational materials designed for the public by sleep experts.

Aims and objectives

The Foundation is Australia’s leading advocate for healthy sleep and helping people to understand the value of getting a good night’s sleep. It aims to improve people’s lives by promoting sleep, advocating to governments and the community and raising awareness of sleep disorders.

We are advocates for healthy sleep – The Foundation delivers a strong consistent sleep health message to the community and its leaders through its media, social media and website resources and direct dialogue.

We are raising awareness of sleep problems – Our work has attracted widespread attention in print and broadcast media. Our website is a popular resource. Our social media presence is growing. Our work with political leaders has resulted in recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia.

We are educating the community about sleep health – Our popular information sheets about sleep and its problems are freely available through our website and social media outlets. Co-branding and website links can help your organisation build an association with good sleep health.

We are building partnerships with organisations to promote sleep health –

We are fostering the common ground between community, professional and business interests that relates to identifying and dealing with sleep problems. A cohesive approach is the result. Current partners include patient groups (such as Sleep Disorders Australia), professional organisations (such as the Australasian Sleep Association), businesses (through our corporate partner program) and research bodies (such as the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity).

We encourage and endorse best practice standards – Foundation recognition helps ensure partners are recognized and rewarded for the quality of their products. The Code of Practice for Suppliers of Sleep Therapies is endorsed by sleep professionals as a reference point for their patients.

We support research and development – through our research partnership programs.



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