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Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head (Nigh Nigh)

Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head (Nigh Nigh)

Nigh Nigh is the umbrella brand for Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head developed in Australia by Registered Nurse Deb Herdman. “My 3rd baby was a problem sleeper and I wanted to make sleep an easy and gentle process.

The Nigh Nigh brand incorporates our best Nigh Nigh resources that are evidence-based to support gentle sleep, expert advice, and information including our blogs that de-bunk wrong sleep advice. Deb has been featured across many media platforms including TV, radio, podcast, and print.

Deb is constantly looking to innovate the sleep landscape and find new and exciting ways to solve sleep all backed by the most recent sleep science.



Setting up Good Sleep for Your Newborn

You have a new baby and everyone wants to know how is sleep going. Some parents are going to be thrilled to answer with “he’s the best sleeper, and so easy…we are so blessed, while others avoid answering altogether. What… Continue Reading >

Snoring Kids, a noise to notice.

Snoring facts and what you need to know…   We’ve all seen cute kiddy snoring videos but in all seriousness this is something you need to take seriously.. Snoring or obstructive sleep disorder breathing occurs when the upper airway becomes… Continue Reading >

Desperate for your baby to sleep? This tip is a game-changer…

As a new parent, the first time your gorgeous new baby bundle of joy has a bad day or night can be oh so stressful! I know I’ve been there. You go through all of the things that normally help… Continue Reading >

The Science of Baby Sleep and What You Should Know

March is Sleep Awareness Month Sleep researchers and clinicians from around the world are attempting to change the way parents think about baby sleep. We know there is a constant barrage of sleep information telling us how important sleep is… Continue Reading >

Covid lockdown…has it helped or hindered your baby’s sleep?

Another return to lockdown is crushing our mental health and children are also feeling it too.  The effects of restrictions that changed our normal daily activities and routine from that of purpose to go about the day without the need… Continue Reading >

Sleep Associations

Are you the connection? Recently I had an email from a desperate mum that needed sleep. Her toddlers, about a year apart, were doing their best to keep their parents from getting more than a couple of hours of sleep… Continue Reading >

My child refuses to sleep in their bed….I need help!

Strategies to help you make bedtime happier for everyone. This is a very common situation because children love the companionship of their parents. When co-sleeping has been a long-term practice, this is what your child has come to expect as… Continue Reading >

My baby wakes as soon as I put him down…

Beating the transition blues   Let’s face it, as a parent, we’ve all been there and it’s exhausting, frustrating, and makes you want to cry even louder than your baby. You’ve just spent the last hour plus settling, shooshing, holding… Continue Reading >

When all you want is a good night’s sleep!

March is global sleep month…what you should know! The start of March celebrates Baby Sleep Day leading to Sleep Awareness Week, a global cause to highlight the importance of sleep and to get you thinking about making changes to improve… Continue Reading >



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