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Natural Health by Angelica-Hazel

Natural Health by Angelica-Hazel

Angelica-Hazel Toutounji is a clinical nutritionist with a core focus on Women’s health & fertility. She believes living a healthy life begins by establishing and developing a healthy relationship with food. Her mission is to educate and empower women to tune into their bodies and heal any unhealthy beliefs about food.

A mum herself to two beautiful daughters, Angelica-Hazel has a particular passion for helping her clients bring healthy babies into the world. Having gained her Masters in Reproductive Medicine, Angelica-Hazel supports her clients fertility journey from preconception to postpartum, ensuring that their health is optimised at every stage of the journey.

Outside of her nutritional practices, Angelica-Hazel owns Saha Botanica, an organic tea company hand blended with naturopathic principles.



Period pain is common but not normal & what to do if you experience this.

Words by Angelica-Hazel Toutounji for Kiddipedia   We see it in movies, on television, in commercials and often hear horror stories from friends and family members about debilitating period pain. Whilst pain is often thought of as being an accepted… Continue Reading >



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