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My Midwives

With 28 years as a midwife Liz knows the highs and lows of pregnancy, birth and mothering and her focus on making a life-changing impact in health care outcomes has seen her as the first midwife in Australia to use Medicare rebates for birth care.

Early in her career as a midwife, Liz’s strong sense of social justice meant that she identified that the “best” model of care for women and babies, backed by research and evidence, was ‘midwifery continuity of care and she set about not only gaining skills in the model in practice but also telling people about it so that they could receive the best care. Liz’s level of midwifery clinical practice has seen her develop expertise in all things ‘mother and baby’ and this led to her running antenatal classes for the Parent Baby and Children's Expo nationally for seven years, educating thousands of parents along the way. She has attended many hundreds to thousands of births and speaks passionately about the importance of birth as a transformative experience.

Liz commenced My Midwives midwifery practice in Toowoomba Queensland, and it has blossomed to be Australia’s largest midwifery practice with clinics in Brisbane, Melbourne and regional Queensland and Victoria. Liz’s expertise has led her to working with various organisations and in 2022 she is supporting Birthing on Country models which are defined as models of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and babies which provide mid-wifery continuity of care with a range of wrap-around ser-vices. This option has been shown to reduce preterm birth and stillbirth and increase exclusive breastfeeding. Liz is also involved with the Rainbow Baby Project for families experiencing a subsequent birth after loss of a baby.

Liz is an expert educator in the birth space and a passionate public speaker. She advises stakeholders from government and health services to the not-for-profit sector around maternity issues and passionately believes that Australia women deserve the gold standard options in maternity care that are available internationally. Her presence at many hundreds of births and her skills as a business leader provide a unique perspective and add dimension to the conversation about birth and mothering.



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