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Move and Play Paediatric Therapy

Move and Play Paediatric Therapy

Move and Play Paediatric Therapy is a children’s physiotherapy and occupational therapy service based in Mackay, Queensland, led by principal physiotherapist and owner Emily Hayles. We help babies and children of all ages and abilities learn to move and play as freely as possible, and empower parents to know they are doing the best they can for their child.

At Move and Play, we work closely with children, families, schools and communities to support children’s development and to help children and families to live happy and connected lives. To help children achieve their potential, our experienced therapists conduct comprehensive assessments, and develop individualised treatment programs that help children to move and play to the best of their ability. Our programs and services aim to optimise each child’s abilities, promote their already existing strengths, and focus on what is important to the child and family.

At Move and Play Paediatric Therapy, we believe that all children, regardless of their abilities or differences, have value and should be given the opportunities and advantages to realise that value. We are committed to contributing to a future where this belief becomes a reality for all children of all abilities.



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