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Miss M Online Classes

Miss M Online Classes

Julie is the founder of Miss M Online Classes for kids ( – the online project that teaches children 8-12 about marketing foundations, how to start business and critically assess marketing effects, to make independent buying decisions in the shopping environment. She successfully combines her business and entrepreneur experience with her teaching degree into a life-based education approach. The goal of her project is to ignite spark for learning and help kids pursue self-education beyond school.



How To Develop Motivation To Learn In Children

Tips from a teacher and parent. Every parent has their own life lessons they want to teach their children. For some, it is about taking responsibility for their decisions. For others – it’s about building resilience to achieve their dreams…. Continue Reading >

The Best Things You Can Do As a Parent of a Child in Early Years

Let’s look at parenting this way: there are 18 summers to enjoy your child before they are officially called an adult. Even less, to be realistic, since when they become a teenager, their summer holidays will look a lot different… Continue Reading >

Education in Yearly Years: Setting Foundations for Future Learning

By Julie Medeiros   If you are a new parent, one of many questions you may have is about preparing your little one for school. In this article, we’ll explore which skills kids learn at school from prep to year… Continue Reading >

How To Teach Entrepreneurship To Children?

While schools do their best to prepare students academically for the future ahead, our kids become increasingly thirsty for proper business education which is not a part of school curricula yet. And while some children may be willing to run… Continue Reading >

6 Life Skills Your Child Will Learn Through Starting Their Own Business

By Julie Medeiros Julie Medeiros is a business professional with degrees in education and marketing, and a founder of Miss M Online Classes – the educational project offering children 8+ business education about discovering and monetising their talents, marketing and entrepreneurship.   Many of you… Continue Reading >

Parenting Generation Alpha? Tell me what’s new.

The latest findings by the Australian research agency Mccrindle* suggest that today’s primary school-aged children, the eldest of whom is 12, will become the world’s largest generation when they hit adulthood in the mid 2030s. To understand what shapes them… Continue Reading >



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