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Michael Ray

Michael Ray

He is a dad, single parent, a friend and an inspiration to his daughter Charlie.

Michael has made headlines when a dance school in Melbourne was forced to overturn a ban prohibiting males from being backstage at student concerts. He was not going to allow her daughter to be the only child without the opportunity to share her excitement and nervousness with a parent.
All the other children would have their mums but Charlie would have no one backstage.

The ban was lifted by the school.

He also does Charlie's hair, nails and her stylish outfit. He manages well with the support of his fantastic family, amazing friends and some tutorial lessons on YouTube.

He has been a great support to Charlie now that she has started school. He has done an amazing job by creating some heartfelt messages every time he makes her lunch box.
This is a way for Michael to motivate her and help her to read as well. He has handcrafted each note and cut out on various coloured pieces of paper to show his love for his her.

Now, he writes to inspire us on his experiences, struggles and his unconditional love.


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