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Leanne Tran Psychology

Leanne Tran Psychology

Leanne Tran is a registered psychologist and the Allied Health Director at Paeds in a Pod, a QLD based paediatric practice. Over her decades in practice Leanne has seen the consistent difficulties families have accessing psychologists, and how it’s even harder in rural Queensland. She’s on a mission to provide psychology education to parents in easy to access ways online.

Her experience is in working with families to support their children, facing challenges associated with disabilities, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, anxiety and behaviour.



How to build relationships so that kids will listen: 8 things to do

As psychologists, we often say that kids need connection before correction. That means parents need to connect with them before they can start the process of trying to change behaviour (the correction part). And it’s true – that connection with… Continue Reading >

Nurturing Harmony at Home: A 3 step problem solving approach

Research tells us that different parenting approaches (like attachment parenting, gentle parenting or tiger parenting) don’t make any real differences in how kids turn out. So you know that parenting manual that never came with the kids? That’s ok –… Continue Reading >

Navigating NAPLAN: From Stress to Success

Are you a parent who’s been hearing about NAPLAN and feeling a mix of curiosity, concern, and confusion? You’re not alone. As a seasoned psychologist with nearly two decades of experience working closely with families and their unique challenges, I’m… Continue Reading >

Effective Communication: Building Stronger Connections with Your Kids

As parents, we often find ourselves constantly discussing our kids’ behaviour, and today, we’re taking a little detour. Instead of focusing solely on behaviour, we’re going to dive deep into the world of effective communication. Now, I know many of… Continue Reading >

Unlocking the Power of Problem-Solving in Parenting

Parenthood is a remarkable journey filled with joy, love, and challenges. As parents, our deepest desire is to provide our children with the tools they need to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. In this blog, we will explore the critical… Continue Reading >

Helping Kids Regulate Their Emotions

Today, we’re going to talk about something really important: emotional regulation. It’s a big topic, and it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about, especially given the recent challenges my family has faced. Some of these events have been tough,… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Managing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when a child has excessive reactions to separation from caregivers – whether real or imagined. It’s pretty common, affecting somewhere between 4 to 5 percent of kids. That’s 1 child out of every 20 to 25 kids…. Continue Reading >

Child Anxiety: Did they get it from me?

This is a question I get asked a lot by parents – parental guilt can be so tough!  And unfortunately, there’s no parenting foresight, and we’ve only got hindsight to work with.  So I’m going to talk about what the… Continue Reading >

Did I give my child ADHD? Answers to parent’s top 5 questions.

Many parents ask this question – so if you’re asking it, you’re not alone. It’s common for parents to ask either if they’ve passed down ADHD, or whether their parenting style has caused their child to develop ADHD. These are… Continue Reading >

Practical Guide to Visual Supports for Parents

What even are these things? Visual Support is a term that means using visual information (like pictures) to support the things you tell a child using spoken language.  Visual schedules mean when information about the schedule for the day, week… Continue Reading >



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