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Kids Doc On Call

Kids Doc On Call

KidsDocOnCall is a 24/7 urgent care telehealth service provided by senior children’s specialists working in emergency and acute care across Australia.

This service lets you skip the waiting room and contact a leading children’s specialist anytime, anywhere from the comfort and safety of your home.

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Mental Health in Young Children: How to spot the early signs

After two years in lockdowns, children are getting used to being in the classroom and around their peers again, which can cause anxiety. How can we spot the early signs of mental health before they become a more serious issue?

How to make sure your little one is getting their nutritional intake whilst in childcare and at home at every age

It can be hard to know whether your child is getting their nutritional intake while at childcare. While at home, you can monitor their diet and add all the yummy nutrients they need into their meals. But ensuring the same… Continue Reading >

20 things You Didn’t Expect When You Had Your Newborn 

By Associate Professor Dr Sandy Hopper   You devoured all the pregnancy books, worked out a birth plan, installed a baby capsule in the car and finally got the nursery set up – you are ready for your firstborn! But… Continue Reading >

How To Get Your Toddler To Sleep

By Dr Sandy Hopper   What most parents remember about the hazy, first days of having a newborn is not just the incredible feeling of love for their new baby, but the seemingly endless sleepless nights; those 2 am feeds… Continue Reading >

What is hand, foot and mouth disease? How can I prevent my child from catching it?

With the increase in media covering the topic, let’s debunk the myths surrounding hand foot and mouth disease and put worried parents at ease.

Red Nose x Kids Doc On Call

We are proud to support Red Nose Australia to help keep kids safe! Kids Doc On Call was founded with the mission to ensure all Australian children have access to care no matter where they are located in Australia. Since… Continue Reading >

Hayfever season is in full swing, so how can parents make sure their little ones aren’t suffering?

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but with the blooming flowers and sunnier days comes hayfever season. There are approximately 4.5 million Australians who suffer from rhinitis, which causes runny nose, sneezing and itchy or watery eyes, as well… Continue Reading >

When Teens Lose Their Mojo

Raising a teenager is not easy. And to make it worse, lockdowns and COVID have put that task on steroids! When your child starts moving into the teen years their world is thrown upside down; their body suddenly changes, they… Continue Reading >

How To Talk To Your Kids About Covid

By Dr Sandy Hopper   Let’s not sugar coat it; a pandemic is scary and even more so for children exposed to negative headlines throughout social media. There’s no doubt COVID is slowly making its way through our community, but… Continue Reading >



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