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Healthy Kids Naturally

Healthy Kids Naturally

Our goal is to empower busy parents and helping your kids thrive!

Understanding your children's nutritional needs can be confusing and overwhelming. We understand and we can help.

Our specialised paediatric Naturopaths and Nutritionists provide nutritional solutions for your children's health.

We are passionate about food as medicine and gut health. We believe in addressing the underlying cause of your children's symptoms so they can thrive and build healthy eating habits for life.

We also understand many children (and some adults) are fussy with food and don't like change.... don't worry, we have all the hacks to help you make the changes your family needs.



Breathing exercises to calm children and reduce anxiety

Stress is a fact of modern life. We enjoy unprecedented levels of convenience and technological advancement and our daily lives are busy and high pressured, even for our children. Our body’s autonomic nervous system has sophisticated mechanisms designed to deal… Continue Reading >

What foods are good for children with constipation?

I get asked this question a lot! What foods are good for children with constipation? Constipation in kids is quite common, and while it usually doesn’t have a serious cause, it is important to resolve it promptly to prevent the… Continue Reading >

Gut health – Top tips for a healthy microbiome

Gut health plays a fundamental role in your child’s overall health and well-being.   Research shows our microbiome impacts digestion, growth, immune health, dental health, skin integrity, cognition and mental health.  Our gut is responsible for making the neurotransmitters that regulate… Continue Reading >

Foods to improve your children’s focus and concentration

I see so many children struggling with focus and concentration in and out of school.   While mobile phones and other electronic devices are often a contributing factor, and some children may have an underlying learning or behavioural disorder, diet and nutritional… Continue Reading >



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