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Good Little Eaters

Good Little Eaters

Shelley Judge is on a mission to debunk kids’ nutrition and diet culture by helping young families/parents support their children in developing good relationships with food. As an expert in kids' nutrition, Shelley works closely with parents to help them understand how the food choices they make today will set their little ones up for success in years to come.

With a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health Nutrition and 10 years working as a children’s nutritionist, Shelley fuelled her purpose into creating Good Little Eaters and Mealtime Magic to change the way we see nutrition and the thoughts and behaviours surrounding food that impact children. As an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Shelley has worked closely with schools to re-define and transform the food choices available and is committed to educating both schools and parents on food literacy and the choices available to children. Shelley uses her experience in children's behaviour, psychology and nutrition to educate and guide families on helping their children enjoy all food and presenting well-rounded, healthy options for them to enjoy.

Instagram: @goodlittleeaters



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