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Glittering Minds

Glittering Minds

Winner of the GIFEW Global Evolutionary Woman Award in Education 2022, Ortal is a sought-after international speaker. Her engaging style and the easy-to-implement strategies and techniques she shares set her apart from others in her field.

Ortal started her career as a computer scientist and worked at top global hi-tech companies such as IBM and Mercury for several years. Working at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry helped her understand the impact of technology on the future of work.

Additionally, as Ortal watched her three sons' journeys through primary school, she realised they were not being prepared for this future.

While Ortal saw the movement towards STEM as going in the right direction, essential skills such as creative thinking and the development of an innovative mindset, to name a few, were being left out. Having a solid technological background and being a Design Thinking practitioner, she could see that there was a need and a way to bridge this gap.

Therefore, Ortal co-founded “Glittering Minds” and created an innovative school program. This program helps teachers enhance their teaching and amplify their impact by using Design Thinking as a framework for learning.

Ortal is also an award-winning author. Two of her books are:
“Think Unique - Raising a successful, innovative child”, guides parents on how to raise a child who is innovative and able to thrive in an ever-changing world.

And “Think Unique- Your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow’s innovators through PROJECT-BASED LEARN-ING” empowers teachers to create tomorrow’s innovators in their classrooms. This book provides teachers with the knowledge and tools required to set up children for success in the 21st century.



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