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Gheorg is a friendly robot app designed to help children improve their resilience, emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Codesigned with 1,000+ kids, educators and health professionals, Gheorg has been designed specially for children and the app delivers long-term positive results through neuro shaping.

Designed for kids 7-12 years, Gheorg and the friendly characters use the latest therapy to support kids who experience anxiety and overwhelm. Gheorg empowers kids to improve their emotional intelligence through daily check-ins to improve emotional awareness and perform breathing exercises for self regulation.

Gheorg was created by a psychologist with 30 years experience supporting people and their mental health. It was after Dr Louise Metcalf had her own child and spoke with early-childcare educators that she realised how many children are impacted by anxiety. If anxiety goes untreated in children, long-term they can have challenges with learning, friendships and their overall wellbeing. Gheorg makes it fun for kids to learn the skills and knowledge they need to understand their emotions and calm themselves when they’re feeling stressed.

The Gheorg app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and has already had 8,000+ downloads around the world. Gheorg also runs school programs around Australia that empower children with skills to improve their mental resilience, emotional awareness and social literacy skills.

Louise Metcalf is a Psychologist with over 30 years of experience helping people create better lives and healthier brains. Louise has worked in multiple sectors as a psychologist and has a keen interest in positive psychological change. Louise values the way one individual person can make a difference, and has a strong interest in brain health and resilience. After years of supporting children with anxiety and mental wellbeing, Louise had the idea for a robot that can help kids with their anxiety. Now launched in app form, Gheorg the friendly robot empowers thousands of children and families with emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing through check-ins and meditation exercises.



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