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Food is Cool

Food is Cool

Our Mission is to provide schools/centres, educators and parents/caregivers with game-changing nutrition education that creates meaningful impact. Our Vision is to be a global leader in empowering people to create a positive relationship with food for life. Food is Cool was created when two worlds, and mums, collided: Dr. Flav (nutritionist) and Miss Sinead (teacher). Our approach is fun and engaging... and shocking. The norm in society around food and nutrition is not the evidence-based way. We are here to help you, and everyone who has a role in a child’s life, to re-think and re-work (almost) everything you thought you knew about food and nutrition- and throw quite a bit right out the window! We’ll show you how easy it is to see the meaningful and positive impact by just teaching you how to provide, and talk about food, around children. For Schools, We are empowering Schools & Early Childhood Centres with a holistic, step-by-step childhood nutrition program that’s backed by science. For Parents, we are empowering parents & caregivers with tips and tricks backed by science that’s positive and holistic when it comes to educating your child about food.



Top 10 reasons you should get your toddler in a garden

By Flavia Fayet-Moore and Sinead Storch from    Who are our toddlers and preschoolers in 2022? Let us introduce you to Gen Alpha. Born in 2010 or later, they are the Millennials’ children and the first generation who will be… Continue Reading >

Constipation in Children

Constipation is a common problem in children that affects their overall health and well-being. It occurs when a child has difficulty passing stools or has infrequent bowel movements. There are several reasons why children become constipated, including dietary changes, lack… Continue Reading >

Supporting big emotions in children at meal times

Supporting big emotions in children at mealtimes can be challenging, but it is important to create a safe and positive environment where children feel comfortable expressing their feelings. The key to supporting hungry children at mealtimes is having boundaries, being… Continue Reading >

Why we need to ditch the “Go for 2 and 5” message when it comes to children

Dietary recommendations are complex. It requires individuals to synthesise and decode a lot of information to make it relevant for them.  The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends most people consume 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day…. Continue Reading >

Benefits of Cooking with Children

Cooking with children can be a rewarding and educational experience. Let’s break down some of the benefits of cooking with children into a recipe for success!    Cooking doesn’t just mean sitting in front of a stove or kneading bread…. Continue Reading >



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