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Elaine Davies

Elaine Davies

Elaine Davies is a proud Mum to her amazing transgender son (as well amicable ex-wife of her gay ex-husband) who is passionate about using her story to help other families.

Her son was only 2 ½ when he sobbed, “mummy, why did you make me a girl, I’m a boy”. Back then there was no support just lots of opinions!

As a single Mum, with no one to advise or distract her, Elaine decided let her son lead the way. The journey was intense, sometimes heartbreaking, always powerful and ultimately one of love and growth. Elaine’s son is now a healthy and successful 21-year-old man.

Elaine is well aware that her son’s journey will probably always be one of “being different” and that’s OK. It’s OK to be different as long as we have the support - together, we will always be stronger.

As well as being a mother, Elaine is a certified mindset reset coach, author, regular media guest and magazine columnist. Having always geeked out on “what makes us tick” she has distilled her 20+ years of studying our brains, our moods, our stress level and our happiness into a number of successful mindset coaching formulas to help people move from stuck, to acceptance to living a life of purpose.

One of her superpowers is to identify the root cause of a person’s problems and realigning their head, heart and hand to achieve tangible results.

She is truly passionate about helping you and your family move through, what can seem overwhelming situations, to a place of acceptance, joy and love.

As Elaine likes to say, “if you don’t know, it’s time to grow”.



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