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Dr Lexi

Dr Lexi

I’m a paediatrician and educator who is passionate about children’s health, development and wellbeing. I aim to support, empower and inspire families to better understand their child’s medical and developmental issues so they know when and where to seek help.

Currently, I am based at Victorian Children’s Clinic, a multidisciplinary private paediatric practice which I co-founded in 2013 and a large paediatric public hospital in Melbourne.



Head Lice and Nits: Tips & Tricks

Dr Lexi Frydenberg General Paediatrician Instagram:@drlexifry Website:   Has your child just started back at childcare/school and come home itching their head?  Have you been told there is an outbreak of head lice at your child’s school or childcare… Continue Reading >

Common Newborn Conditions from Head to Toe

Having a newborn baby is such an exciting time for many new parents, but it also may be one of the most challenging, particularly for first-time parents. I have put together some information about a few common newborn conditions that… Continue Reading >

How do I get my child to swallow a tablet?

Your child is unwell and you need to get them to take the medicine the Dr has prescribed- BUT you find out that it only comes in tablet/capsule form. You wonder- How am I ever going to get my child… Continue Reading >

Does my child have ADHD?

October is ADHD awareness month There is so much we could discuss about ADHD and I am very aware that many people hold strong and differing beliefs about ADHD- it’s diagnosis and management. It is a somewhat controversial topic This… Continue Reading >

Growing Pains

Growing pains (also known as Benign Nocturnal Limb Pains) are really common in young children and cause a lot of worry for parents. Here is what you need to know: WHAT ARE GROWING PAINS? Growing pains are generalised leg pains… Continue Reading >

Hayfever or Allergic Rhinitis in Children

As spring has arrived, so has hay fever season. Here is what you need to know: What is hayfever/allergic rhinitis? Allergic Rhinitis (commonly known as hayfever) is very common in both children, teenagers and adults in Australia Hayfever is an… Continue Reading >

COVID-19 Vaccines for infants, toddlers and young children under 5 What you need to know

(Information current as of 8 August 2022)   You may have heard recently in the news that a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved and recommended by ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) for SOME children aged 6 months- 5… Continue Reading >

FLU is Back, what you need to know

by Dr Lexi Frydenberg General Paediatrician Instagram:@drlexifry   As we brace for winter, many of us are wondering if this year’s cold and flu season will be worse than previous years. There is no doubt that the preventive measures we used… Continue Reading >

COVID and the Developmental Effects on Infants

During the last two years, extended lockdowns and isolation due to COVID-19 has been hard for many parents for so many different reasons. As the Pandemic stretches on, parents, researchers and those of us who work with children ask ourselves… Continue Reading >



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