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CPR Kids

We are paediatric Registered Nurses who have cared for thousands of sick or injured babies & children.

As paediatric nurses (and parents ourselves), we know that children can get themselves into all sorts of trouble, in the blink of an eye. And they do. You barely have time to think, but your child will be relying on you.

Our expert paediatric nurse educators give you skills and knowledge so that when the time comes, you can take charge and be confident to help your child in an emergency. We pride ourselves on being recommended by leading maternity hospitals and obstetricians.

Learn with the experts. Gain confidence. Be empowered. Know what to do in an emergency.



‘Immunity debt’ – what you need to know and how it may be affecting your family this winter

Do you feel like you have been battling constant sickness in your family, recently? You may have heard the term ‘immunity debt’ popping up around the place, especially in regards to life now, post-lockdowns.  ‘Immunity debt’ occurs when people don’t… Continue Reading >

CPR Kids have launched a free button battery guide for all

CPR Kids and Cub Care have put together a free household essential for all – a 1-page reference guide detailing the dangers of button batteries, the possible signs of ingestion, how to act in response to a possible or known… Continue Reading >

Your essential family first aid kit checklist

Band-aids… bandages… antiseptic cream… these are the items that we tend to think about when we are putting a first aid kit together. But first aid kits are so much more than that – and being prepared for every situation… Continue Reading >

5 things you need to know before buying and using a learning tower

Did you know that there is not yet a Safety Standard in Australia for learning towers? This means that it is vital for those purchasing a learning tower to be aware of the quality and make of the tower. It… Continue Reading >

What are ‘margarita burns’?

We know – it’s hard to believe that eating a lime outside, could cause this. Last year, a mama reached out to the CPR Kids team with something that took them all by surprise… “Hi guys, I don’t know if… Continue Reading >

Fever in babies and children – our favourite tips and resources

Here are a few tips and resources parents need to know when their little ones have a fever. It is not about watching the number, it is about looking at your child as a whole. The most accurate and cost-effective… Continue Reading >

Bees and Wasps – what you need to do if your child is stung!

Spring is here, and with spring, comes stings! We love these fantastic infographics from Healthdirect Australia that break down Australian insects – bites and stings, into an easy-to-understand and informative guide! Infographic courtesy of Healthdirect Australia. While you are here… Continue Reading >

CPR Kids and Cubcare have launched a free ‘Choking first aid guide’

“When it comes to choking, prevention is always better than cure. We can’t and shouldn’t wrap our kids up in cotton wool either – otherwise we would still be feeding our teens puree! Choking accidents do happen, and it is… Continue Reading >

Your child is bitten by a snake… what do you do?

Bleeding Headache Numbness Fast heart rate Difficulty breathing Paralysis DO It is vital to be calm and to keep your child as calm as possible, in order to slow the spread of venom. Retreat to a safe distance away from… Continue Reading >

How many of the 8 ‘red flags’ for unwell babies and children, do you know?

‘Red flags’ are the really concerning signs and symptoms when your child is sick, that indicate the need for urgent medical help.  As parents and carers, we often know the ‘cut and dry’ incidents for when an ambulance needs to… Continue Reading >



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