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At Britax we’re convinced we have the best job in the world— helping parents enjoy every twist and every turn that is the amazing journey of ‘parenthood’. We believe that becoming a ‘parent’ is really about becoming yourself! We also believe family life should be lived without limits: a world where parents are free to be themselves and children are free to grow, develop and explore with confidence.

We are passionate about what we do. We know that a lot of responsibility sits on our shoulders—the responsibility of keeping your loved ones safe on the move and that is why we will never, ever, be happy with ‘good enough’. We will always go far beyond what’s required and won’t stop until we’ve achieved what’s safest for your child.

We treat industry standards as a minimum. We insist on going further to test our products in the toughest of real life situations. This means we don’t just comply with the latest safety standards, but champion even safer standards. That means doing what is right—not what is easiest.



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