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Belinda Joyce

Belinda Joyce

Belinda Joyce is a midwife, maternal & child health nurse, mother of four and author of 'Survive and Enjoy Your Baby'. Her passion is in providing safe, evidence-based advice & options to parents so they can find their own path to parenthood.

Belinda, throughout her nursing and midwifery career of 20 years, has worked with thousands of parents and newborns during childbirth education, prenatal, labour, birth, postnatal and special care nursery. As a maternal and child health nurse she performs home visits and consultations with families and children from newborn to school age as well as parent groups (mothers’ groups).

Belinda is all too familiar with the challenges and joys of parenting and the common problems, issues and questions that come with it. She loves working with families and assisting them on their journey to parenthood while also helping them to enjoy their babies and children.

Belinda has earned a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, and a Master of Nursing Science in Child, Family & Community. Most of the time when she was studying she was raising her four young children.

‘Survive and Enjoy Your Baby’ is available from all good book stores and from Belinda’s blog at



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