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Baby Sleep Expert

Baby Sleep Expert

Emma founded Baby Sleep Expert to provide an empathetic and understanding service that was easily accessible to all. With over 20 years working within both a hospital and community setting, Emma has extensive experience in working with infants and children in their formative years.
Nothing makes her happier than working closely with parents to take their baby or toddler who has been having very poor naps and overnight sleep and turning them into a sleep superstar!

Her background as a Midwife and IVF Reproductive Nurse Specialist compliments her Certification as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.
As a busy mother of three, she can bring both practical and professional knowledge to find you a unique solution.

Mostly she’s all about the wonderful benefits of sleep, not just for your baby but for the whole family!

Jump over to to grab a free copy of her top 4 sleep tips and to find out what other mums had to say.



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