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Concerned about lack of access to mental health care services for your kids?

Are you a parent concerned about lack of access to mental health services for your child? Australia’s peak psychology body is calling on parents and communities around the country to lobby their Federal MPs to help improve access to mental health… Continue Reading >

Tips on improving your mental health during the summer holidays

By Stefa Jarema   As the year winds down and the festive gatherings crank up, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year just gone – and your hopes for the next one. Making the most of each day… Continue Reading >

Pass it forward – What are we passing on to our kids?

By Jane Dodding, Psychologist and Director of Minds Plus Psychology   As parents we want the best for our kids and we do everything we can to support and care for them.  We focus our attention on fulfilling their needs,… Continue Reading >

We all have a role to play this Mental Health Month 

October is Mental Health Month in NSW and Wayahead, the Mental Health Association of NSW, has partnered with the NSW Department of Education to create downloadable resources for schools. Wayahead’s schools pack will be available to over 3000 schools in… Continue Reading >

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

By Renae Kolia   How did you learn how to identify, name, and use emotions? Who taught you about emotions? How do you know how to identify emotions in others? Emotions are a big part of being human, yet it… Continue Reading >

What does my child need right now? Behaviour is the best indicator!

by Dr Julie Hollitt   Being curious about the behaviour of children is to be curious about what they need and about what it is that they are ready to learn. The behaviour of children can be far more enlightening… Continue Reading >

Simple Ways to Build Resilience in Teens

In my practice, I work with people of all ages who are experiencing and trying to navigate difficult times in their lives. I am continually reminded of the importance of relationships and support networks during these times of need. The… Continue Reading >

Separation anxiety at drop-off….help! 

We’ve all been there – rushing to work, battling traffic, scoffing a breakfast bar because we haven’t had time to eat a proper meal……we finally get to childcare, only for our little one to… Just. Stop. They grab our legs… Continue Reading >

The Power Of The Attachment Bond: Part Two

by Elizabeth Ryan    Continuing on from the first part of this article, which detailed positive and secure styles of attachment, the following are three forms of insecure attachment. Anxious-preoccupied Toddlers with anxious-preoccupied attachment tend to become upset when their… Continue Reading >

The Power Of The Attachment Bond: Part One

by Elizabeth Ryan    Attachment is possibly the most important issue for a baby’s healthy development.  It starts with the emotional bond or relationship between the main caregiver (referred to below as “mother”) and baby. Being baby’s first relationship experience,… Continue Reading >

My child’s emotions…and mine

Dr Julie Hollitt   Adults struggle with emotions and emotional regulation. Some parents might say that they struggle more with emotions since their child was on the way – and then born – than when they had no children. As… Continue Reading >



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