School Holiday Program

City: Melbourne
Time: Mondays to Friday, starting at 9am through 5pm

Welcome to the Art Encounters school holiday program for 5-8yr old and 8 – 12year olds, one of the most popular art education holiday courses in Australia.

Each session is a valuable learning experience that has been designed to leave participants with at least one new insight into drawing, painting or sculpture. We welcome children of all skill levels as we place importance not in talent, but in enthusiasm and passion.

In each three and a half hour session, students complete one major project as well as a number of smaller studies. Parents are welcome to enrol children into as few or as many sessions as they like.

Art Encounters tutors are practicing tertiary trained artists with Working with Children Checks and First Aid Certifications.

Please ensure your child wears old clothes and shoes as paints and other materials may stain clothing.

We encourage you to pack a healthy snack as each session has a dedicated 15minute break. Students that are attending a full day of the program (two sessions) are required to stay on our premises and will be supervised during the lunch hour

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