Park After Dark

City: Sydney
Time: 3:00pm

Head to the great outdoors for an overnight camp without leaving the city boundaries

Sure, the Centennial Parklands isn’t a wild, rugged wilderness, but the 189 hectare space is a beautiful green escape from the rushing city streets. If you and the family need an evening reprieve from the bright city lights, spend a night camping in the park.

It’ll be just like when you used to put up a tent in the backyard as a kid, revelling in the freedom of sleeping three metres away from the safety of your sheets. Plus, with a barbecue dinner, guided tour of nocturnal wildlife and marshmallows by the bonfire all included in the experience, there’s outdoorsy fun to suit all ages. But remember to bring your own tent and cosy sleeping gear, or you’ll literally be left out in the cold.

In the morning, there’s walks and kids’ activities, and you’ll get that exclusive sunrise view over the dewy hills.

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