Beam Me Up, Baby!

City: Melbourne
Time: Wed: 10.30am – 11.15am, 11.45am – 12.30pm | Thu: 10.30am – 11.15am, 11.45am – 12.30pm | Fri: 10.30am – 11.15am, 11.45am – 12.30pm

The universe has shrunk through a black hole and has landed right here at ArtPlay, complete with shooting stars, milky ways, a lunar eclipse and some very strange creatures!

With a dash of theatre, lots of movement and music, this is a play space set up for baby adventures full of fun and exploration.

Babies, please bring your most playful grownup!

Age: 2 months to 14 months. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. If you are bringing more than one child, it’s advisable that extra adults attend.

Please contact ArtPlay if you or your child has any access requirements.

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