adelaide gaol escape trail | thebarton | 6-21 jul 2019

City: Thebarton
Time: 10am-4pm

Adelaide Gaol Escape Trail
Think you know the Adelaide Gaol Escape Trail? Think again.
The Adelaide Gaol is upping the ante these school holidays with a challenging new twist to the popular Escape Trail.

And this time, you will be taken to locations in the Gaol you may not have explored before!

So get your thinking caps on, and join in the fun at the Adelaide Gaol from Saturday 6 to Sunday 21 July for one of the most unique experiences these school holidays.

Since its opening in 1841, Adelaide Gaol has housed approximately 300,000 prisoners. There have been a number of famous escapes – including one ingenious (though unsuccessful) attempt in 1983, where a prisoner took his pyjama coat to an art class and painted it to resemble an officer’s uniform. To add to his ensemble, he even created an impressive officer cap out of a biscuit box!

Bookings are not required. The activity is free with entry.

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