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When does Good Friday become a Great Friday!

All parents share special bonds with their children and no two women’s journey to become a mum is necessarily the same. My journey to become a mum involved IVF after 8 years of trying naturally for a baby.  Some may... Continue Reading >

Good Health for Mums and Dads

Parenting is a full-time job and on top of that you may have an actual full-time JOB.  Before I had children, I was very busy, then somehow my capacity miraculously expanded to fit in 2 children, a house, a career... Continue Reading >

Ages, Stages, Sages

It’s becoming increasingly important in my life to recognise and acknowledge that as I go through different stages of my life that I need to surround myself with different Sage’s, who can support me as a mum, a woman and... Continue Reading >

Mindfully Loving Your Newborn

By Krissy Regan, The Wellness Poet. There is no doubt that a mother’s love for her newborn is nothing short of profound and surreal.  The hormones flooding our body also make it impossible not to feel “high on love”.  There... Continue Reading >

Do you sometimes feel Stuck?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or stick with things that aren’t working and hope that change will come and make things better.  One of my favourite quotes is by Jim Rohn; “Your life does not get better... Continue Reading >

2020 a Year in Review

It’s been a fun year hasn’t it!  I cough as I type…  there have been times in 2020 when I like most people have had to remind myself that things happen for a reason (well daily actually).  Whilst things may... Continue Reading >

Wellness School

Krissy Regan founded her online Wellness School in 2021 with the aim of helping working parents learn practical tools for lifelong health and well-being. The content is simple to follow, easy to implement, and includes advice and insights from experts... Continue Reading >

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Have you been thinking about taking some time out to recharge? Does your health and well-being need a reboot? This is the retreat for you! 2 Nights with All Meals & Activities (workshops, yoga, walking, excursions, relaxation, prizes, giveaways and... Continue Reading >

Women’s Wellness Retreat

3 Day Women’s Wellness Retreat hosted by Mindful Mums Qld Founder and Wellness Author Krissy Regan with Special Guest Speakers. This women’s wellness retreat is designed for you to rest, recharge and reconnect to yourself and the world around you.... Continue Reading >