WIN 1 of 3 Musical Play Baby Gift Set from Music Beat

To WIN 1 of 3 Musical Play Baby Gift Set from Music Beat, including:

    x1 peek-a-boo scarf

    x1 mini rain shaker

    x1 cage bell

    x1 baby maraca

    x2 egg shakers

(Please note these quantities may differ from the picture)

Tell us

“What role does music play in your family’s life?”


Children’s musical instruments for play, learning, therapy and more!

At Music Beat Australia we stock a huge range of baby and children’s musical instruments to suit varying age groups. Shop online to find the right musical instrument for your child’s needs.

We are experts in early childhood music and specialise in supplying music instruments and products for parents, music educators and music therapists.

We know that music is a great tool in play, learning, therapy and general family life!

Our gift sets have been especially designed by a Registered Music Therapist specialising in early childhood development.

This our gift sets and music kits are designed with the age and stage of development of your child in mind to promote their sensory, motor and cognitive skills appropriate to their age… and of course they are designed to have lots of fun together and promote musical interactions with you!

Instrument selection also represents age appropriate use and safety. Bells are in a cage for example, and shakers are light and easy to hold and manipulate.

Check out our Music Beat Blog for ideas on how you can bring musical play and fun into your everyday life.

 For further information on Music Beat Australia and its products, visit , or check out Music Beat on Facebook @BoppinBabiesAus and Instagram @kidsmusicbeat