WIN 1 of 2 Krissy Regan's "Mindfully Loving your Newborn - The Koala who Lost his Heart"

To WIN 1 of 2 Krissy Regan’s “Mindfully Loving your Newborn – The Koala who Lost his Heart”


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“Why is it important that children learn self-love and self-acceptance?”


Krissy Regan is The Wellness Poet, an Author, Poet, Speaker and Wellness Warrior!

She creates stories and poems that inspire and connect people to themselves and the world around them.

Krissy believes that Health and Wellness can spread like a virus and is dedicated to spreading a message of health and wellness around the world. Krissy is the Founder of Mindful Mums Queensland and an Executive Board Member of Queensland Youth Services.

“My passion is to encourage, inspire and support as many people as I can to  nurture their Mind, Body and Spirit.  When these three pillars are in alignment you will lead a healthy, happy and successful life.”

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