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If you’ve been looking for a SPF 50+ swimming hat for your baby or perhaps an unexpected gift for someone who’s expecting – look no further!

Encouraging babies and children to wear a hat when they’re young makes it far more likely that they’ll wear one when they’re older. That’s why SummerKai’s motto has always been: “NO HAT, NO PLAY”.

SummerKai was born when the chief designer was pregnant and couldn’t find either a cotton or SPF50+ hat for her son. Since these humble beginnings SummerKai has gone from strength to strength and now offers a wide range of colourful baby hats.

Whether you’re outdoors, underwater or at a family event, you’re sure to find a SummerKai hat that fits.

But it doesn’t end here. SummerKai also offer a vibrant range of handmade, unique ‘Flower Thongs’ that have received rave reviews both here and overseas. Comfortable, durable and fun, they feature three dimensional flowers that make anyone stand out. Just in time for Christmas, they are now available in women’s and girl’s sizes. Just remember, there’s no need to add water.

Whether it’s adding some color to a favorite outfit with a pair of unique ‘Flower Thongs’ or keeping the little munchkins safe from the sun’s rays, SummerKai has you covered, head to foot.

Contact: 0427 098 707