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Primal Influence

Clint and Aimee are passionate about using natural practices to help improves the health, fitness and happiness for the whole family.

Clint, a qualified Personal Trainer with 10+ years of experience in fitness, loves working and building a meaningful connection with children from all walks of life.

Parents often see dramatic improvements, both physically and mentally, in their children after a short time training with Clint.

Clint specialises in working with children who:

– Have behavioral issues

– Are on the spectrum

– Are overweight and/or physically uncoordinated

– Lack low self-esteem and confidence

Weekly 1-1 coaching sessions and outdoor group classes are available.

Aimee loves to make healthy food easy and affordable for all families through recipe creating, ingredient and cooking tips and holding workshops.

She provides private and small group cooking coaching sessions to give a hands-on and customised experience to parents wanting to create nourishing meals for their family. She also offers private Food Chats and creates recipe e-books.