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Kiddy Kouches

Children take some things very seriously. Like where people sit, for instance. If Mum sits in Dad’s chair, Dad sits in Mum’s chair or anyone sits anywhere they don’t normally sit, your little one will step in and lay down the law. And if you give them their own chair, they’ll treat it like a throne. Kiddy Kouches crafts beautiful children’s chairs, couches and sofas that will instantly become your kid’s favourite reading, napping and iPadding spot. Between the solid timber frame and quality foam cushion construction, your Kiddy Kouches sofa will last through years and years of sitting (and sometimes reigning). Plus, each item is uniquely handmade, but you can make it even more special with an embroidered name. And we all know that durability isn’t all that matters. You put a lot of effort into your home and Kiddy Kouches’ furniture will fit in beautifully. They upholster their pieces with handpicked fabrics in all kinds of colours and patterns, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that you and your child will love.

Contact: 0404 855 193