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EDUCATIONAL WOODEN PLAY BLOCKS. Kembo wooden blocks – manufactured in Australia – have been much-loved essential equipment in pre-schools, kindergartens and child care centres since 1970! Block play helps to encourage skills in design, balance, co-ordination, imagination, pattern and creativity, and children playing together quickly learn all about sharing, caring and harmony. Kembo Building Blocks are carefully made from quality timber to give many years of enjoyment. They are: well-designed. well-made. irresistible. Australian-made! To make things easy, most of our Blocks are sold in sets. There are sets for the home and sets for kindergartens. All sets use a selection of blocks from the same range that has proved immensely popular over many years. You will find full details of the block sets and illustrations of the individual blocks on our website. Start browsing now!
PRIMARY MATHS – AT SCHOOL, AT HOME Created to make primary school maths easier to grasp, these two Australian-made hands-on maths proven systems are used in schools for: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
The Cuisenaire system uses coloured wooden rods from 1 to 10cm long, The Base Ten system has unique blocks to represent 1, 10, 100 and 1000. (Choose either system or both!) Parents: with the Parent Guide included, you can join in the fun. Two heads are better than one! For illustrations and more information, visit and follow the links!

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