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Jumpflex Trampolines

JumpFlex Trampolines are setting the standards for design and quality. Engineered and assembled to be safe and long lasting. Jumpflex Trampolines are a product that will be with the family for years. A Jumpflex trampoline looks great, blends into your back yard and offers the best bounce! Visit our website to read more. Jumpflex Trampolines are available in the following sizes; 3.1m, 3.7m and 4.2m. And we haven’t just stopped there. Jumpflex has developed a range of the best accessories to truly turn your trampoline into the ultimate fun station. ProJam: Bounce high and slam dunk. Completely flexible and safe. JumpSlide: Jump on and Slide off. Slide attaches directly to the trampoline. AquaJet: Sprinkler add-on, cool off and have fun. FlexBoard: Perfect your skate and board tricks in the safety. ColourPlay: Add colour and a huge smile with 100 colourful soft balls. Click

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