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Jack and Lu’s

Remember the good ole days?

The days when a kid’s social network was formed playing kick-to-kick in the street…

Where parties consisted of a sack, an egg, a spoon and a donkey’s tail…

Where we sat by the radio for hours with our finger hovering on the record button to catch THAT song…

When you could do silly things and there was no record of it anywhere for the world to see!

A lot of things have changed since then. Others haven’t.

They still want their toast cut in squares only (or is it triangles?) … and they still enjoy the paper more than the present.

So, at what point did we fall in to the trap of believing that buying things makes memories?

Jack and Lu’s, and their foundation product “Real Kids, Real Play” is about bringing real childhood back.

It reminds us of the copious educational and fun activities that our children can do around the home using everyday items – without you having to spend lots of money, time or effort.

It is written by an exhausted Mum, for an exhausted Mum. And Dad. And Grandparent. And Carer…

Inside you’ll find activities, experiments, DIY recipes and song lists that stimulate your child’s physical, cognitive and social development.