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ergoPouch Australia

ergoPouch was founded in 2009 by super sleep-deprived mum Alina Sack.  Alina was inspired to develop the first ergoPouch sleeping bag with her first son who was somewhat of a ‘challenged’ sleeper.

Desperate to help the entire family get a better night’s sleep, Alina got out her sewing machine and make him the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag.  It worked. He could move around the cot without getting tangled and the bag kept him snug and sleeping peacefully at night.

Today, ergoPouch is a market-leading and award-winning brand. The company’s products are now sold worldwide in countries such as New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Korea, Canada and across Europe.

With a range spanning Newborns to 5 year olds, our safe-sleep approved sleepwear takes the guesswork out of what to dress a child in for sleep, whatever the temperature.  Sleep (or lack of) in the first 5 years is difficult and full of challenges. We empower parents to feel confident in making safe-sleep decisions for their child and help them navigate their way through the tougher phases of their sleep journey.

Made from certified organic and natural fibres with ethical and sustainable manufacturing, our products care for the environment as much as they do your child.

An ergoPouch is non-toxic, skin-friendly and will last several years across several children.

Contact: 1300 668 929