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Bright Start Learning

Bright Start Learning is a fun program designed to help children improve their fine motor skills.

When children struggle with fine motor skills such as writing, painting or using scissors, they can lose confidence in themselves and fall behind at school.

Our program can help!

What are fine motor skills?
Fine motor skills are the movement of small muscles in the body, mainly the hands. They are essential for many everyday tasks such as writing, turning book pages, using computers, eating with cutlery and fastening clothing.

It’s very common for children (especially boys) who love playing and running around to experience difficulty with fine motor skills.

Our program
Our tailored weekly sessions feature activities based on literacy, numeracy and language. Children improve without noticing—they’re busy having fun!

Our objective is to help children develop so that occupational therapists may not be needed down the track.

Enrol today
Contact us to arrange a free trial—one session at no charge.

Contact: 0478 197 668