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The Teachers Coach

The Teachers Coach

As founder of The Teacher’s Coach, Amy is excited and passionate about education but also understands firsthand the pressure, challenges and extreme work load that comes with being a teacher or an employee of the service industry, which is just about everyone – teaches, nurses, PT’s, PA’s, parents, careers and councillors (just to name a few).

With a career in education and a background in teaching and coach-ing. Amy is committed to not only education, specifically burnout teachers, but also people who are feeling lost, like they have ticked all the boxes on the list for a ‘successful’ life and yet who are still searching for more.

Amy understands that most people have never really considered what they want life to be like, how they really want to feel or what they want their days to include. This is what makes having the life you think you are chasing so hard to achieve, and why staying in the rat race, keeping up with the Jones' and being stuck on autopilot for most of your waking hours is an easier option!

Well, your life doesn’t have to be like this. Your life is a result of your actions, your decisions, your thinking, and by relearning your life you can finally start to take responsibility for what is going on (the good and bad), create awareness around what you think and believe, and finally relearn your life so you can live it the way you want!



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