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Susan Spelic

Susan Spelic

Reading Advocate/Founder of The Reading Mountain

Like many women, Susan wears many hats as a Mother, Educator, Author, Reading Advocate, Literacy Specialist, Professional Speaker and Creative. Life can get a little crazy at times, especially when we juggle all of the important roles we have. Susan is all too familiar with this balancing act and is aware of the pressures faced by parents and families.

Susan sees a palpable anxiety in some parents who worry about whether they’re giving their kids the ‘best start in life’. She knows it is important to take time to celebrate success as caregivers. Susan’s philosophy is simple; ‘Being a calmer parent requires being multi-skilled and flexible. Loving our kids is first then, when we model to our kids that we can solve problems and focus on our own adult skills and our children’s strengths, we will then find happiness knowing that things usually work out. We are always learning.’

Everyone has special ways of learning and families need trusted information and support. As the Educator and Reading Advocate for The Reading Mountain, Susan is on a mission to engage and support kids. Susan’s message is ‘Mistakes are how we learn and they make us resilient.’ Her blog topics are practical and come from years of experience in education.

As an author, Susan Spelic enjoys seeing her stories and characters come to life. ‘Seeing kids engrossed in our simple chapter books is the most rewarding feeling. I am truly in the creative zone in this role and our aim is for many young children to find the love of reading while they harness their imaginations.’



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Make ‘Time for Rhyme’

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Developing Our Kids’ Vocabulary

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School week stress? Useful hints to achieve a balanced family life.

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Delving deeper into your child’s favourite story.

Think back to your own childhood. What was your favourite kids’ book? Depending on your   ‘vintage’ answers will vary. As a little girl, I remember loving the classics; Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm,  ‘The Five Chinese Brothers’ but mainly… Continue Reading >

FAMILY SAFETY: What we learnt after having a HOUSE FIRE.  

One saved photo of a precious family memory – (camping along the Murray River.)   You might think that a house fire will never happen to your family. I hope it doesn’t! However, despite our best efforts to keep our… Continue Reading >

On a tight budget? 5 easy ways to support Home Reading

By Susan Spelic   With childcare fees through the roof and the increasing cost of living, families are faced with the dilemma of how juggle bills, while accessing quality reading materials for their kids. With the holiday season fast approaching… Continue Reading >

WHAT’S IN A NAME? (Exploring letters and sounds)

By Susan Spelic   Cuddling with our kids for a relaxing bedtime story is a beautiful routine. Regular reading and talking with our kids about our day (without distractions) develops oral language, vocabulary and feelings of security while building a… Continue Reading >

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ – fostering kids’ independence.

When we see our kids struggling to do an independent task, it can be difficult to watch as they are frustrated and it’s a challenge to resist helping them.  We want our kids to succeed but how can we foster… Continue Reading >

Different strokes for different folks- parenting is no different.

As adults, we often talk to each other about our kids and our own parenting decisions. Some parents overshare, while a few may withdraw. Some may look to each other for advice and sometimes, for validation. Without realising it, we… Continue Reading >



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